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Jura unveils its latest fully-automated coffee machines on International Coffee Day


Today it’s International Coffee Day so an appropriate day for Jura to launch its new range of coffee machines to satisfy Australia’s growing demand for high-quality coffee.

After spending so much time at home there would be a lot of customers who want upgrade their existing coffee machine or buy their first so they can enjoy a good coffee without the need to head to a café.

A recent independent survey confirmed that seven out of 10 Australians prefer the taste of coffee made from beans instead of pods.

Jura is the Swiss manufacturer of fully automated coffee machines and it only uses freshly ground coffee beans to produce café-quality brews at the press of a button.

“This is really no surprise to us, however it’s great to confirm that the jury is officially out on beans versus pods, when it comes to flavour,” George Liakatos, JURA Australia’s Managing Director says.

“The use of freshly ground coffee beans is also not only better for the environment but also for our local growers as our machines can take any blend of fresh coffee beans.

“Also, the freshly ground coffee bean waste can be reused in so many different ways, from adding it to your compost to deter bugs, neutralising odours in the home and of course cocktails, it’s not just for a morning caffeine hit.”

The new Jura range starts at $1,899 and is engineered to automatically produce silky brews and fine foam at the press of a button.

And there are no pods here – Jura insists on only using fresh beans and not pods or capsules for a true bean to cup experience.

Users can even customise their favourite drink right down the strength and the grind.

Here is Jura’s 2020 line-up:

ENA 8 Nordic White – RRP $1,899:

– Only 27.1cm wide– this one-cup machine will comfortably fit anywhere.

– Easy to use 2.8-inch TFT display and clearly defined operating panels.

– 10 specialties at the touch of a button including espresso doppio.

– A cylindrical shaped water tank inspired by premium crystal carafes; available in sunset red, arctic white or metropolitan black.

– Fine foam technology that creates airy, feather-light milk foam.

JURA S8 Chrome – RRP $2,790:

–  Has a 4.3-inch high-resolution colour touchscreen display

– 15 different specialties at the touch of a button including flat white

– Graphics and animations show every step of preparation

– Professional fine foam frother for the ultimate smooth milk texture.

– Control via smartphone or Apple Watch with the JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E ®) Coffee App.

– Built with premium materials including a bean container cover made of hand-polished die-cast zinc

JURA Z8 Aluminium – RRP $4,690:

– Professional Aroma Grinder guarantees 12.2 per cent more aroma and consistently high grind quality so that flavours unfold to perfection.

– 21 different specialities at the touch of a button including pot of coffee.

– 4.3-inch high-resolution colour touchscreen display.

– 28 different specialities can be selected simply by touching the start screen.

– Crafted from high-quality materials with painstaking attention to detail.

– Control via smartphone or Apple Watch with the JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E ®) Coffee App.