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Apple’s kicks off new Planet of the Apps competition series


Apple has kicked off a reality series on Apple Music called Planet of the Apps which allows budding app developers as they pitch their ideas to a panel of savvy celebrities with the hope of getting it funded.

All of the world’s biggest apps started with an idea and this show could possibly uncover the next big thing.

The 10-part series can be streamed on the Apple Music service with the first episode of the show available for free on iTunes.

Part Shark Tank, part The Voice and just as competitive, Planet of the Apps features Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gary Vaynerchuck on the panel and is hosted by Zane Lowe.

The contestants give the panel a 60-second escalator pitch as they ride down an actual escalator into the studio.


The panel votes on whether they want to hear more before a more detailed pitch is made.

If the contestants get the go ahead, they go into an incubator to refine and market the product.


Naturally this show is a great fit for Apple and takes viewers on a journey they never really see – how an app is developed from an idea to a working product and business.

The App Store has only been open since 2008 but it has already paid out more than $70 billion to developers.


A new episode of Planet of the App will be available each Tuesday exclusively on Apple Music.