Modern technology gives us many things.

Echo Connect Key fits in your pocket and can replace all your cables


We’re always carrying our devices around with us but carrying around the cable to connect for charging or sharing data has never been convenient – until now with the Echo Connect Plus key.

The Echo Connect Key is the world’s first dual charge key for all of your mobile devices and is small enough to fit on your keyring.

The key fits in the palm of your hands and has a USB, Lightning and microUSB connection for all of your devices and can replace every cable you could want.

It’s handy for those times when you want to connect your device to your computer or portable battery for a recharge.


It can also be used as a sync cable to share content from a PC to your mobile device or vice versa.

The Echo Connect key is a licenced Apple connector and is a fully certified MFI charging cable as well.

It has been designed with flexible material to make it durable and meet the everyday demands of users who would carry the product with them everyday.

For our review, we’ve been carrying the Echo Connect Key with us in our pocket everyday.


It saves us from having to carry around a tangle of cables.

We don’t leave home without it.

The Echo Connect Key is available now for $25 from SimTech Technology.