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Waterproof Braven 105 speaker is so versatile it can be used anywhere


If you want to take your music anywhere – and we really mean anywhere – then what you need is a portable waterproof speaker like the new and versatile Braven 105.

The Braven 105 is a circular palm-size Bluetooth speaker that measures 9.65cm across and is 3.55cm thick and with an IPX7 rating so it can handle the bath, the shower, the pool and the beach.

But what makes you want to take this speaker anywhere is the handy mounting strap.

It lets you attach the Braven 105 anywhere – your backpack, your bike or yourself – so you can stream your music out loud.

For our review we even had it in the shower and strapped it to your shoulder bag. That meant we could hear our music, our favourite podcasts and audiobooks wherever we happened to be.


It’s also a speakerphone as well so you can answer your calls as well – although we decided against answering a call we received while in the shower. That just would have been weird.

Also included is a stand so it can rest right there on your desk or your bedside.


There’s even a tripod thread on the back which really opens up the mounting options even further. It will even work with GoPro mounts.


On the audio side, the Braven 105 has a nice and solid sound thanks to the HD driver on board and it’s loud enough to easily fill the room – or the area around wherever you happen to be.

It has an 800mAh battery on board which means you’ll get about eight hours of playback before you need to reach for the charger.


The Braven 105 is also available in a number of colours – black, white, pink and blue – and is priced at $89.95.