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STM unveils its range of iPad Pro protective cases


Australian company STM has become one of the first to release a range of cases and covers for Apple’s latest, and biggest, mobile device to date – the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

STM, already well-known for its popular computer shoulder bags and backpacks, has unveiled three new products to protect and enhance the use of the iPad Pro.

With the iPad Pro viewed as a laptop replacement by many customers, these STM products will provide a way to safeguard that investment.

The STM products are the Atlas, the Dux and the Half Shell.



Available at the end of January, the STM Atlas is available in black, red and blue and completely covers the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro sits inside a hard shell while the cover wraps around the front and back of the product to offer complete protection.

The cover can be positioned to provide a handy viewing stand or turned around and positioned as a shallower typing stand.


And there’s no need to worry about misplacing the Apple Pencil.

There’s a small storage slot beside the iPad Pro to keep it always within reach.

STM DUX ($69.95)

The STM Dux, which will hit stores in mid January, continues this popular line of cases and expands it for the iPad Pro.

The hard case has a transparent rear panel so you can still see the device and any other barcode used to track the product in a school or university.


The Apple Pencil also has a storage spot on the side of the Dux so you can keep it with the iPad Pro rather than carrying it loose and possibly misplacing it.

With the STM Dux you can add an Apple Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard cover to completely protect the device and give you peace of mind.


If you’re buying an iPad Pro this Christmas for yourself or a loved one you can now purchase the STM Half Shell.

The hard plastic shell is available in clear or smoke versions and snaps snugly on to the iPad Pro and leaves enough room to attach Apple’s Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard cover for all round protection.


Of course, with all of these STM products there are openings to allow easy access to the buttons, ports, camera and speakers so you get uninterrupted usage of the iPad Pro.