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Your smartphone is stalking you, why it’s doing it and how to turn it off


findphoneiconYou might be surprised to know your smartphone is stalking you. It knows where you go, when you go there and how long you stay there.

It sounds a little creepy and is actually quite confronting when you realise the detail of the information your device has gathered.

But the good news is that no-one else can see this information.

It stays within the device – and it can be easily turned off.

We have our smartphones with us whenever we go and the device knowing where we are can add a lot of functionality to the apps on board.

This is the case whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device with the gathered information able to do things like add geo-tags to your photos, tag your locations on social media, add more accuracy to your GPS information, estimated time of arrival and traffic conditions.

But while some may feel uncomfortable about the level of information their smartphone is collecting, it is only for your own benefit.

That information is not shared outside of your device so while it is an efficient stalker – it is doing it on your behalf and for your own benefit.

On the iPhone you can control whether your device tracks you and even decide which apps can know your location

With the iPhone – of you take a look Settings > Privacy > Location Services – you’ll see all of the apps that are using your location.

It’s possible to turn off all location services or just the individual apps if you choose.

But if you go right to the bottom of the Location Services page you’ll see System Services.

This takes you to yet another screen showing the many different ways your device can gather your information like through the cellular network, on wi-fi and using your compass and it here you can also turn those off as well.

Users can also control how their iPhone tracks them

But at the bottom of the System Services you’ll see another selection called Frequent Locations.

As its name suggests it lists the areas you’ve visited most often in the last few days.

This list is so accurate it’s scary with a list of suburbs, the dates you visited, how often you visited and even the exact address where you’ve been.

Again this section can also be turned off if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

The iPhone can keep track of your frequent locations with a surprising amount of detail

Similarly Location can also be turned off in Android settings as well as in individual apps.

It can never be seen by anyone else unless they get hold of your device and somehow get past your security passcode.

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