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Verbatim Bluetooth mobile folding keyboard for real typing on the go


verbatimkeyboardthumbVerbatim’s new Bluetooth mobile keyboard is a handy device to carry around for those users who prefer typing on keys instead of typing on glass on their smartphone or tablet.

But one thing that may turn some people away from such a product is the fact you need to carry around a full size keyboard.

With the Verbatim Bluetooth mobile keyboard there’s a big difference.

It can fold in half and come down to a size that’s slightly bigger than a men’s wallet so it doesn’t defeat the purpose of portability.

It also comes with a leather pouch to make the folded keyboard easier to carry around and protected.

The Verbatim Bluetooth mobile keyboard

Pairing is quite simple after you turn on the device. Insert a pen into the small port on the left side and hold it for five seconds to put it into pairing mode.

Then it was just a matter of locating the Verbatim mobile keyboard on your device and typing the displayed code on your screen on the keyboard’s number keys to complete the pairing.

And this only has to be done once. From then on the keyboard and device will recognise each other each time the keyboard is switched on.

The Verbatim Bluetooth mobile keyboard folds in half

Users will also find a stand that slides out of the right section of the keyboard which can be used to position your tablet or smartphone comfortably while you’re typing.

When it is unfolded users will find large keys as well as media control keys to navigate your content.

It took a little time to get used to the keyboard as the keys, when unfolded, are off centre towards the right side.

Verbatim's Bluetooth mobile keyboard fits neatly into the included leather pouch

This is to make room for the Bluetooth pairing button, indicators and the battery pack that takes two AAA batteries which are included.

Another thing the Verbatim mobile keyboard has to take into account is the subtle split down the centre which is where the hinge is located to enable the keyboard to be folded.

As a result some keys have been adjusted to fit including the space bar. As a result the space bar is now two small keys on either side of the fold.

The space bar on the Verbatim Bluetooth mobile keyboard is split in half along the device's fold as two smaller keys

We would have liked these keys to be a lot bigger considering how often we use them. Same thing for the delete/backspace key which was located in the top right corner.

And when we accidentally activated the Cap Lock key there was no light to indicate we had done it.

But overall the Verbatim 97537 Bluetooth mobile keyboard is a handy product to have by your side if you find yourself working on the go.

In fact, this entire review was written using the Verbatim keyboard attached to an iPad.

The Verbatim Bluetooth mobile keyboard is available now in black or white from leading retailers and Leading Edge Computers stores and is priced at $119.

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