Modern technology gives us many things.

Toffee’s Fold Wallet can fit your iPhone as well


toffeefold3Since the introduction of smartphones it has given users something extra to carry around but a new product from Toffee can change all that.

Toffee’s new Fold Wallet is crafted from premium Italian leather that has a dedicated section to fit your iPhone 5.

We usually buy a cover or case for our device and carry it around with our wallet anyway.

Toffee has decided to combine those products into one and reduce the number of objects we need to take out with us.

Inside the Fold Wallet is a premium microfibre lining to protect the device and prevent any scratches.

The Toffee Fold wallet can fit your iPhone 5 and all of your credits cards and cash

It can fit your iPhone 5 even if it has thin snap-on case and also has a curved opening so you can still easily connect your headphones while it’s inside the wallet.

Along the left side are five slots to fit your credit cards and your licence as well as a slip pocket underneath to fit notes and receipts.

The iPhone 5 sits securely inside and is easy to remove whenever you need to use the device and it’s also just as easy to insert it again.

The Toffee Fold Wallet allows users to connect their headphones to the iPhone while it is inside

Toffee’s Fold Wallet for iPhone 5 now means users can have their phone and wallet inside the same product and reduce the number of things that need to be carried around.

We are used to carrying our phone in one pocket and our wallet in another – now we can combine them into one with the Fold Wallet.

They say people will forget their wallet before they forget their phone. Well now with Toffee’s new Fold Wallet you won’t be forgetting anything.

The Toffee Fold Wallet is available in black or tan and is priced at $59.95.

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