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Telstra launches first 4G USB + Wi-Fi mobile broadband device


telstrafacebookthumbTelstra has released the first 4G mobile broadband modem that has both a USB dongle while offering wi-fi connectivity for up to five devices.

The Telstra 4G + Wi-Fi, when plugged into USB port on a computer, will not only provide a fast connection on that computer but also for up to five others who want to utilise the high speed connection wirelessly on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The device can also create an instant hotspot on its own with the included adaptor or a USB power source.

When connected to a PC or Mac computer it will connect the user to 4G mobile broadband and simultaneously share the connection wirelessly for up to five users.

The Telstra Pre-paid 4G USB + Wi-Fi deviceTelstra Pre-paid 4G USB + Wi-Fi is lightweight and had a rotating USB dongle for flexible usage that can be used anywhere.

“The 4G USB + Wi-Fi offers customers the best of both worlds,” Graeme McLindin, Telstra’s general manager for emerging mobile devices, said.

“It can be plugged straight into your laptop and used as a conventional USB modem with great 4G speeds and can be turned into a Wi-Fi device for up to five Wi-Fi devices.

“Customers can also use the included AC adapter, or any other compatible USB power source, to power the device independently of a laptop’s USB port. This product is a great solution for people who work out of the office and have multiple devices that need internet access such as phones, tablets and laptops.

“The AC adapter in particular allows people to have a mobile broadband and Wi-Fi connection without having to run down the battery on their phone making it a really practical device.

“The launch of this device on pre-paid also allows customers flexibility in meeting their data needs.”

Customers can purchase the Telstra Pre-paid 4G USB + Wi-Fi device for $119 which comes with a 5GB data allowance with a 30-day expiry.

You can find more information on Telstra’s mobile broadband products and data options here.

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