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Proper launches handy new accessories for iPhone and iPad


properclumsy4Australian design company Proper have revealed new iPad and iPhone accessories to make our use of the products safer, easier and more enjoyable.

The new additions to the Proper range are the iPhone Bike Mount and the Clumsy Case for the iPad Air.

The iPhone Bike Mount works with Proper’s magnetic M Lock cases which also secures the device on the company’s other mounts.

The M Lock iPhone Bike Mount installs easily on top of the main stem of the handlebars on your bike and can be angled to give riders a comfortable view of the screen.

It can also be adjusted to allow the rider to view the iPhone in landscape or portrait mode.

The M Lock iPhone Bike Mount

Cyclists often use their iPhones as a cycling computer or when using GPS and the M Lock mount attaches securely in a second rather than have to fumble with clips and complicated mounts.

The M Lock will be released in the coming weeks and interested buyers can register here to be informed when it becomes officially available.

The Proper M Lock Bike Mount lets you attach your iPhone in seconds

If you’re an iPad owner and are worried your child might drop and break the device when you give it to them to play with, then you need to take a look at the Clumsy Case for the iPad Air.

Shipping in August, the Clumsy Case is made of safe, squeezable material and slips around the iPad Air with ease.

The Clumsy Case for the iPad Air

What gives parents peace of mind is the Clumsy Case’s durability and its ability to absorb impacts if it is dropped.

Clumsy Case can be positioned upright for the kids to watch movies and also flat for reading and using apps.

Proper's Clumsy Case can take a drop and keep the iPad Air safe

All of the iPad’s ports, buttons and the camera are all still accessible whilst nestled inside the Clumsy Case.

The Clumsy Case is available now in blue, purple or pink and is priced at $39.95.

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