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Mobile Home lets drivers control their iPhones safely with Siri


mobilehome3Siri the voice-control feature of the iPhone, would be great to use while driving but rules prevent us touching it. That’s where Mobile Home can come in.

Mobile Home is a small Bluetooth device that clips on your car’s sunvisor.

It looks like a large version of the iPhone’s home button – which is probably why it’s called Mobile Home.

The device can pair to the iPhone while the iPhone is also paired to your in-car handsfree system.

It is 7.5cm long and 3.7cm wide so it can fit discreetly in your car

Up until now the only way you can activate Siri on an iPhone while it’s paired to your car’s system was to actually touch the home button on the iPhone.

Mobile Home gives drivers handsfree access to the many abilities of Siri

Road rules now prevent any contact with your device unless it is in a windscreen mount. But even that can be a distraction because it is right in the driver’s eyeline

With Mobile Home you can have the iPhone in your bag, in your pocket or tucked away in the centre console and still be able to access Siri.

Now you can access your device without touching it or even looking at it.

Using just your voice, Mobile Home allows users to take advantage of Siri’s many skills which include to ability to:

* Initiate phone calls

* Compose and send text messages

* Listen to your SMS messages

* Compose emails

* Control your music

* Post to Facebook

* Write and send tweets

* Check the weather, sport scores and stock prices

* Set reminders

* Get turn-by-turn directions

* Look up numbers

A driver using their mobile devices behind the wheel is still a huge problem and presents a significant safety risk.

It is common to see drivers using their smartphones while they’re stopped at the lights but also texting while they are driving.

Mobile Home can fit discreetly in your car so you don't have to touch your iPhone

US research says a texting driver is 23 times more likely to crash while 40 per cent of teens said they’d been inside a vehicle where the driver used a smartphone in a way that put people in danger.

Mobile Home allows drivers to send that text message or email using just their voice.

Mobile Home is priced at $US79 and can be ordered from

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