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GlobalGig SIM offers affordable data for international travellers


globalgigsim2When we travel overseas we like to stay connected which can be confusing and expensive but GlobalGig offers a solution that is simple and affordable.

GlobalGig is a domestic and international provider for travellers who want access to data whether they’re in Australia or travelling the world.

The biggest complaint from travellers is that data can cost them an arm and a leg if they use their own SIM card in their smartphones and tablets overseas.

.Coming home to a massive bill is all too common for many Australians which is why a service like GlobalGig can help you control your costs.

GlobalGig offers three main plans – 1GB ($9 per month), 3GB ($19 per month) and 5GB ($29 per month) for 3G cellular access.

These plans will work seamlessly when you’re travelling within Australia, the US, UK and Ireland.

If you venture outside of these countries you pay 10 cents or 20 cents extra per MB you use depending on the country you happen be in.

GlobalGig is an international MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) which has wholesale deals in place with mobile data providers in more than 40 countries.

These partnerships ensure lower cost access to mobile data with more countries joining in for an even wider coverage for international travellers.

And the beauty of having a GlobalGig SIM is that it will register automatically when you arrive at your destination so you’re ready to connect as soon as you step off the plane.

Purchasing a pre-paid SIM card at your destination can be expensive because you need to pay for the actual SIM card as well as the service you require.

And it could take time before you find a store to buy it and then you need to decide how much data you need.

But with GlobalGig the SIM is purchased before you leave Australia with the prepaid cost and set amount of data already determined.

GlobalGig's international network

It all starts with the $2 SIM card starter pack which is available in different sizes – standard/microSIM or nanoSIM – depending on the device you’d like to use it with.

Then you choose your plan and activate the SIM card via the website – simple.

GlobalGig SIMs are for data only but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilise that data allowance to make calls using FaceTime audio or video or apps like Skype and Viber.

The GlobalGig SIM card can be used in a hotspot – GlobalGig also offer its own hotspot device – or the SIM can be used in your hotspot as long as it’s not locked to one particular network.

GlobalGig SIM cards use the T-Mobile network in the US so for your hotspot to work here it needs to support 1900Mhz and 2100Mhz. Most Australian hotspots don’t support 1900Mhz so your service may be limited.

But there is no such problem with recent smartphones and most 3G/4G tablets.

If you’re travelling overseas and want a simple and affordable data solution to stay connected and to stay in touch it’s hard to go past GlobalGig.

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