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Energizer UE5610 can charge smartphones and tablets on the go


energizerbattery4We need to keep our mobile devices charged on the go but don’t always have the time to sit beside a power point which is why the Energizer portable charger is so useful.

The Energizer UE5610 portable charger has two USB ports along with a 5600mAh lithium ion battery on board.

It can charge smartphones and tablets, at the same time if necessary, by connecting the USB cable to one of the ports on the front of the device.

There are four indicator lights on the front of the Energizer UE5610 to show how much power is left on board.

It uses 2.1A output which is powerful enough for tablets and also provides a faster recharge for smartphones.

The Energizer US5610 portable battery is just 9cm long and is easy to carry anywhere

The portable battery is about 9cm long and 2.5cm thick so it is easy to carry around with you wherever you go.

The only other thing a user needs to remember to carry is the device’s USB charge cable.

Once connected the device’s battery can be recharged while you’re on the move instead of having to wait for extended periods near a power point – a common site at airports where passengers are recharging their devices.

Speaking of airports, a product like the Energizer UE5610 portable charger can ensure all of your mobile devices are charged before boarding the aircraft.

The Energizer UE5610 can charge up your devices anywhere

In the US, security will sometimes demand to see your smartphone or tablet powered up before allowing the device onboard with you.

The Energizer won’t overcharge or overheat your device or damage it in any way.

The Energizer UE5610 portable charger is available now and is priced at $69.95.

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