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Discgo can charge your smartphone at bars, cafes and restaurants


discgo1Leaving the pub early because you’ve got to charge your mobile is now a thing of the past with the introduction of new charging device called Discgo in bars, cafes and restaurants.

Discgo is a circular chrager that can be placed on bars and café and restaurant tables to provide a charge for two smartphones at once.

This allows the patrons to move around within the venue while their phones receive a much-needed charge instead of the previous option which was bringing their own charger and sitting next to a power point.

Discgo can charge your mobile as quickly as it would be with the wall charger and has a variety of cable to make it compatible with all models of smartphones.

The Discgo chargers have already been deployed in cafes and bars across Sydney and have been well received by patrons.

Discgo allows patrons to charge their devices and still move around the venue

Publicans have noticed customers tend to leave the bar early when they know they’re batteries are getting low on charge.

But with Discgo, pub owners have found a way to keep these people in the bar even longer.

“It first came around when a few of the wives were a little bit mad at their hubbies for not calling or coming home due to flat batteries,” says Kate Dean, Manager at the Lord Dudley in Woollahra in Sydney.

“Sorry boys, there are no excuses now.”

Discgo charges two mobiles at a time and means patrons can stay longer at the cafe or bar instead of having to rush off to charge their device

Discgo managing director Sean Brandtman says smartphone users want to stay connected wherever they go.

“We are all looking for ways of charging our mobile phones whilst on the move. So now there’s no need to bring your charger with you, we have the solution – DISCGO Charger,” Mr Brandtman said.

Discgo chargers will soon expand to Melbourne and the company will also be releasing an app which can provide the nearest location with Discgo chargers.

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