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Backbone case can protect your iPhone and charge it too


backbone5Keeping our smartphones charged is a challenge but a new case from Dog & Bone has got your back whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

The Backbone is a durable iPhone 5 case that’s built to handle the day to day bumps and scrapes as well as keeping the device’s battery topped up.

It’s also a modular system with a slot to insert charging options to use deskside or out and about.

Included with the Backbone is a wireless charging station that connects to a USB power source.

The insert that ships with the product slides into the back of the Backbone case which in turn plugs into the iPhone’s Lightning port.

The Backbone iPhone case and insert from Dog & Bone

Now the user simply has to place the case down on the charging station and the iPhone magically starts charging through the case.

The insert, once placed into the case, also has an outward facing microUSB port so you can use a microUSB cable to charge as well.

When it’s time to head out, simply lift the phone off the charging station and you’re on your way.

But what do you do if you’re battery is getting low and you’re nowhere near a power point let alone near the Backbone’s charging plate?

There’s a solution for that too.

The Backbone case and wireless charging plate

Also available for the Backbone case is a battery pack that can replace the insert and all without taking the case off the iPhone.

Once connected the iPhone will start charging while you’re on the move.

A fully charged Backbone battery pack will completely recharge your iPhone.

The case is quite thin at just 12.2mm with the regular insert onboard.

The battery pack is a little thicker – that’s because there’s a 900mAh battery in there.

The Backbone case sitting on top of the plate charging wirelessly

On the downside, when the iPhone is inside the Backbone case, it puts your speaker and headphone jack even further away.

There are small holes for the sound to travel through the case and it also comes with a headphone jack adaptor so you can still easily attach your earphones.

If you’re using wireless Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker you won’t have an issue.

The Backbone case is quite rugged and good to know that it can not only protect your iPhone it can also recharge it as well.

The Backbone case for the iPhone 5 and 5S and the included charging plate is priced at $139.95 and available in orange, blue, and pink tread patterns and blue and red trilobe patterns.

The optional Backbone battery to use with the Backbone case is available separately for $49.95.

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