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Jawbone UP Move review – smaller, cheaper but with all the features


Jawbone’s latest device – the UP Move – takes all of the best features of the UP24 bracelet and packs it into a smaller and much more affordable device.

The UP Move is about the size of a stack of three dollar coins (27.4mm wide and 9.55mm thick) and can be attached to your clothing in a clip or inside a band that can be worn on your wrist like a watch.

Despite being a lot smaller and cheaper than the UP band, the UP Move still has Jawbone’s typical design and range of colours.

And it also has the same features as well.

Packed into that tiny product is a three-axis accelerometer and Bluetooth 4.0 to wireless transmit the information to the excellent Jawbone app for Android or iOS.

The Jawbone bracelet was one of the first wearable activity trackers and one of the most popular.


But if you don’t like wearing a bracelet and want something a bit more discreet that does the same thing then the UP Move is just the answer.

The top surface of the product can display the status of the device – basically Awake mode and Sleep mode.

There are a number of LEDS that can indicate your step progress as well as the time with a double tap.

UP Move can keep track of your steps whether you’re wearing the device as a clip or on your wrist and allow you to set daily goals. The watch strap is available at an additional cost.


When you’ve completed a session of vigorous activity the app notices and asks what you were doing – running or walking – and adds this information to the app’s dashboard.

You can connect with friends, share your progress and challenge each other to get out of your comfort zone.

And these goals aren’t just about steps per day. You might have a goal for hours slept or a target weight.


The app’s Smart Coach is also on the sideline offering encouragement and motivation with hints and tips on how you can improve.

The “Today I Will” features observes your data and make suggestions on how you can get greater benefit from what you’re doing like getting to bed earlier, taking the stairs instead of the lift and drinking more water.

It’s also possible to log your calories through the updated UP app based on your height, weight and activity level.

Unlike the UP bracelets which need to be charged every few days, the UP Move has a replaceable non-rechargeable lithium battery onboard so it can run for up to six months straight.


The device is also water resistant so it can be worn in the shower, in the rain and in the gym but you can’t submerge it so you will need to take it off before you go swimming or jump in the surf.

Jawbone’s UP Move has made activity tracking even easier, cheaper and more accessible for anyone to start the journey to better health and wellbeing.

Jawbone UP Move

Price: $69