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The golf putting analyser that can change your game

puttthumbAfter Adam Scott became the first Australian to win the Masters there will be many players wanting to improve their game and a new device can help do just that.

They say you drive for show but you putt for dough and the 3BaysGSA Putting Analyser can literally be a game-changing device.

With putting making up 40 per cent of the game, it is an obvious area where golfers should look for improvement.

The device itself only weighs 9.4g and fits at the top of your putter’s grip and aligned to follow the line of your putt

It features a nine-axis sensor which gathers vast amounts information about your putting.

The Putting Analyser fits into the top of the putter's grip

Among them is face angle, attack angle, tempo, backswing and downswing speed, impact speed and swing path distance.

And 3BaysGSA Putting Analyser can even relay this information to you in real time when the device is paired to your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet and viewed on the free companion app.

The device can detect even the subtlest movements with incredible accuracy.

The 3BaysGSA Putting Analyser can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth

Using the app players can view the animated playback of their putt in both side and top view and see exactly how the putter moves through the ball.

The GSA Putt App also lets you compare your stroke with PGA and LPGA pros to see how you stack up so it’s like having a virtual coach in your pocket.

The data from the Putting Analyzer can be viewed in real time using the companion app

Users can even take the precise data the product provides to find the best putter for their game.

And the beauty of the 3BaysGSA Putting Analyser is that it can be used anywhere – at home, in the office or on the course.

Players can track all of the Putting Analyser's data easily with the GSA Putt App

The difference between in and out on a putt can be as little as a single degree so a device like this would be a great investment for serious golfers.

The 3BaysGSA Putting Analyser is priced at $US199.99 plus shipping.

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