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Studio Proper launches iPad and iPad Mini Wallee Pro Bumpers


walleepro3Studio Proper, the Australian company that brought you the Wallee mounting cases and accessories for iPhone and iPad, have introduced a new Pro Bumper.

The Wallee Pro Bumper for iPad and iPad Mini fits over the top of the company’s existing modular cases which have an x-shaped mounting clip.

Many customers have utilised the Wallee line of products to create iPad-centric solutions that suit their needs and their lifestyle.

These can then be mounted on the wall, on a car headrest, on a stand and even on your hand using matching accessories.

The Wallee Pro Bumper can protect your iPad and fits over the top of the Wallee mounting case

Now the Wallee Pro Bumper, made from ruggedised silicone, offers even more protection for your iPad and iPad Mini.

The silicone Pro Bumper adds a protective second skin to make your iPad shock proof

The back of the Pro Bumper still offers access to the Wallee case's mounting clip

The back of the Pro Bumper has an opening on the back so the case below can still be mounted nearby with your iPad or iPad Mini always at hand.

The Wallee Pro Bumpers are available now in black and grey for both the iPad Mini and iPad and are priced at $19.95 and $24.95 respectively.

The Wallee Pro Bumper is available in black and grey

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