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Parrot Flower Power can turn you into an expert gardener


parrotflower3If want you want to grow healthier plants the Parrot Flower Power can help you unleash the power of technology to achieve the best results.

The Parrot Flower Power looks like a plant itself but in fact it is a wireless Bluetooth sensor that can be used with indoor or outdoor plants in a pot or in open ground.

Designed to work with a companion iPhone app, the Parrot Flower Power can monitor and analyse the soil and moisture conditions of the plant and relay that information to the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Four areas that are crucial to a plant’s health and growth are soil moisture, fertiliser, ambient temperature and light intensity and the device will monitor all four of these areas.

What the Parrot Flower Power does is give your plant a voice so it can respond in real time to these needs.

The Parrot Flower Power can sit inside a pot or in open ground

The product takes this information and transfers it via Bluetooth to the iPhone or iPad running the free Parrot Flower Power app.

Each plant’s requirements are different which is why users need to identify the type of plant you’d like to monitor within the app.

The Parrot Flower Power is available in two colours to blend in with your plants

There is a huge selection to choose from – the database has more than 6000 varieties of plants.

The sensor will then learn those requirements and ideal conditions to ensure optimum plant health and growth.

Users will even receive real time alerts if action is needed including watering or adding fertiliser.

The Parrot Flower Power can wirelessly relay information and alerts about the plant to your iPhone or iPad

Parrot Flower Power will also tell you if there is a lack of light or exposure to high temperatures.

The app can display your garden of plants that are connected to Parrot Flower Power sensors with the ability to graph all of your plant’s information to view exactly how healthy it is.

All of the information onboard the Parrot Flower Power app has been gathered from prestigious universities and laboratories around the world.

And this is where the battery goes

So no matter what type of plant you’ve got – vegetable, aromatic, herbaceous or ornamental – the Parrot Flower Power sensor and app will give you a green thumb and help you make it thrive.

Parrot Flower Power is available now in selected retailers and Apple Stores and is priced at $79.99.

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