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Nike+SportsWatch GPS powered by TomTom review


niketomtomNike and TomTom are instantly recognisable in their respective fields of running and GPS and they’ve joined forces to create the Nike+SportsWatch GPS powered by TomTom.

Anyone who wants to extend their running experience can keep track of their progress with the Nike+SportsWatch GPS and online at

We took the device for a spin and could access information like distance, speed, average pace right, our run history, our personal records all right there on our wrist.

And of course the GPS component, powered by TomTom, is keeps an exact track of where you are and how fast you’re going.

There’s also the included shoe-based sensor which can be placed inside Nike+ running shoes and also used to gather more date from your run.

At first glance the Nike+SportsWatch does look a bit chunky but once it’s on your wrist it actually looks quite sleek.

The display is easy to read with large numbers in every mode. In clock mode the time is divided into two lines and takes us the entire screen.

Navigating the menu is a snap with only three buttons on the watch – two for navigation and one to select.

The Nike+SportsWatch GPS powered by TomTom has all of your run information at your fingrtips

There’s also a tap interface so recording lap time and activating the backlight can be done just by tapping the screen.

The product is made of durable waterproof and sweatproof material with a thick band that, once firmly attached, is not going anywhere.

And users can also use the Nike+SportsWatch GPS with compatible hear rate monitors to drill even further down into your performance and make it easier to set fitness goals.

But what we liked about the device is what you can do with the device after you’ve cooled down from your run.

To download the latest information from your run we connected the device to our Mac’s USB port.

The Nike+SportsWatch GPS powered by TomTom has a large easy to read display

The USB plug is actually a part of the watch. Simply flip back to the end of the band and there it is.

What really extends the device to more than just a fancy sportswatch is the connection to

Once the download is completed, users are automatically logged into their account.

Here is where you can see the results of your hard work including the map of your run and the pace for each kilometre.

Users can set goals for themselves and, of course, share all of their results directly from the site to their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

This online running community can also be accessed via the Nike+GPS app which can be downloaded to smartphone as well as to your Mac and PC.

The USB plug of the Nike+SportsWatch GPS can be found by flipping back the end of the band

Runners can also use the site to find other runs based on location, length, difficulty and landmarks.


We enjoyed running with the Nike+SportsWatch + GPS powered by TomTom because it provided accurate information that was easy to upload, analyse and share with

This gave our exercise some accountability and pushed us to strive to improve.

But one thing we’d have loved to see added to the device was a music player.

Apple can produce an iPad Nano which is actually thinner and smaller than the Nike+SportsWatch GPS.

Imagine being able to plug in your headphones to the device to get your music as well.

We had to either carry our iPhone or wear an iPod Nano with a watchband accessory on our other arm to get our music going during our run.

If you’re serious about your running or want to be seen wearing a pretty cool looking watch, or both, then the Nike+SportsWatch GPS will get your over the line.

It is reasonably priced at $199 and available now.

Nike+SportsWatch GPS Powered by TomTom

Price: $199

Four stars (out of five)

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