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Kensington’s Proximo won’t let you leave your devices and valuables behind


proximo1If you’re the forgetful type who’s left behind smartphones and other devices before, then you need the new Kensington Proximo to stop it happening again.

The Proximo is an app-enabled device that uses Bluetooth to track your iPhone and other valuables and alert the user if they break the 10m range of the product.

It consists of a fob that can be attached to keys and a tag that can be connected to any other item you don’t want to lose.

Up to five items can be tracked from the Proximo app on your iPhone and, if you do lose any of them, the app will show you exactly where you were together last.

Users can also set up the alarm system that triggers the moment they move a certain distance away from your tagged item.

The Kensington Proximo fob and tag

The Proximo fobs and tags are sturdy and slim at only 8mm thick so they’re not too bulky to carry around.

Users can even monitor the replaceable lithium battery levels of all of their fobs and tabs from the iPhone app.

The Proximo is an app=powered product that can keep you and your valuables together

The Proximo Starter Kits are priced at $59.95 which include a fob and tab. Additional tags are available for $29.95 each.

Proximo can be purchased from Kensington’s online store or from Dick Smith stores.

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