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GolfBuddy Voice can tell you the distance to the hole


golfbuddythumbThe Voice might be a popular new talent show but is also the name of a new golf GPS rangefinder – the first of its kind to feature audio capabilities.

Made by GolfBuddy, Voice is also the smallest and lightest golf GPS device on the market – it’s as big as a golf ball.

There are more than 35,000 courses from around the world preloaded on the device including more than 1000 Australian golf courses.

And there are no fees, ongoing subscriptions or download charges once the initial $220 purchase price for the product is paid.

Out on the course the GolfBuddy Voice provides accurate distance measurements to the front, middle and back of the green.

And while the distance is shown numerically on the screen, this latest GolfBuddy device also tells you how far you’ve got to the green, just like a real caddy would, with a simple press of a button.

The Auto Course and Hole Recognition technology is backed by a 24-channel GPS receiver so the GolfBuddy Voice will always know exactly where you are on the course and how far it is to the hole.

Another standout feature is the rotating green view so you’re sure of having the correct distance no matter what angle your approaching the hole from.

The measurements can also be changed from yards to metres and vice versa.

The GolfBuddy Voice can display the distance to the hole and also tell you

And the device is so small – it’s a 4.3cm square – and light – a featherweight 0.02kg – it can be easily clipped onto a hat or visor or on your belt.

As long as it’s within reach – a press of the button on the device tells the player how far they are from the hole.

No need to walk over to your bag or fish around for the device to read the screen – GolfBuddy’s Voice just tells you how far you have to go.

Players can easily adjust the volume so it doesn’t disturb your playing partners and there are eight languages to choose from.

The GolfBuddy Voice is priced at $220 and is like having a talking caddy with you on the course.

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