Modern technology gives us many things.

Cocoon Grid-It can organise all of your gadgets


griditmain2We carry a surprising amount of devices and accessories with us and now the Cocoon Grid-It can help us organise them in one place while offering easy access.

The Grid-It is a board that’s 26cm long and 13.5cm wide which is made up of numerous rubberised woven elastic bands.

These elastic bands can securely hold devices like smartphones, earphones, charger cables, computer mouse, memory cards, USB flash drives, USB modems, MP3 player and anything else you may have rolling around in your bag.

With the Cocoon Grid-It everything is always held in place neatly and easily accessible whether it is being used inside a bag or on a desk or in a drawer.

Grid-It means there is no more fishing around to find devices at the bottom of your bag.

Users can also say goodbye to tangles earphone cords and be assured their devices won’t be damaged from sliding around loose in a bag.

The Cocoon Grid-It can organise your devices in one place for easy access

And the flip side of the Grid-It can also double up as a mouse pad and also has a zip-up compartment for extra storage.

There are five sizes of the Cocoon Grid-It to fit bags of various sizes and shaped and it also comes in five different colours.

The Cocoon Grid-It is available from Howards Storage World and start at $21.95.

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