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Belkin releases WeMo smart light switch


belkinlight3Belkin has released the latest addition to its WeMo range – the WeMo Light Switch – which brings another layer of smart control to the home.

WeMo’s Light Switch has wi-fi onboard which means users can remotely access and manage the switch – or a group of WeMo Light Switches – from anywhere using the free WeMo app for iOS and Android.

Belkin’s WeMo light switch can be installed in place of a regular light switch and then connected to the home’s wi-fi network.

From here users can turn the light on and off with the WeMo app or set times of the day for switch to turn on and off throughout the day.

Belkin has selected Jim’s Electrical as a national launch partner to offer a reliable installation solution for customers who are not confident doing the job on their own.

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch joins the popular range of WeMo smart products which can be programmed to turn connected devices on and off remotely as well as set triggers and rules with motion sensors to create a true smart home solution.

The Light Switch will also work with IFTTT (IF This Then That) – an online service that can create a sequence of activities or triggers using this internet-based service to react to various scenarios including an email, the weather or social media.

The Belkin WeMo Light Switch can be controlled remotely using the free iOS or Android app

Belkin’s WeMo Light Switch works with the free iOS and Android app and is free to operate once installed so no subscription fee is required.

It will go on sale later this month for $69.95.

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