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Even faster 4GX connection with new Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II hotspot


Telstra has released its latest mobile hotspot – the Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II – that can tap into the latest 4GX network to enjoy faster internet on mobile devices.

Up to 10 devices can connect to the Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II hotspot at the same time including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The device – actually built by Netgear (Aircard AC790S) – is 11cm long, 6.8cm wide and weighs just 136g so it’s no effort to take the device everywhere with you.

The Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II hotspot has a 2930mAh rechargeable battery that can run for up 11 hours with up to 200 standby hours.

It has a touchscreen that shows the signal strength, the hotspot’s SSID and the password and can also tell you the number of devices connected to the hotspot.

The device also displays how much data you have remaining and the days before your monthly quota expires.


It is the first Telstra mobile broadband device with 802.11ac – the latest wi-fi standard onboard – for an even faster connection for the latest devices.

There is Cat 6 LTE technology onboard the Advanced II hotspot that can tap into Telstra 1800Mhz and newer 700Mhz (which powers the 4GX network).

Users can expect download speeds of up to100Mbps although our tests easily exceeded that speed and regularly reached around 150Mbps in 4GX areas.

In regular 4G areas you can enjoy speeds of up to 50Mbps with upload speeds of up to 10Mbps.


The speeds achieved with Telstra’s Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II hotspot makes it possibly have smooth video calls and video streams.

The 4GX network will expand in January to cover a three-kilometre radius from capital city CBDs and 300 regional areas.

The Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II will be available on November 25 for free on $55 a month on a 24-month plan that includes 8GB data per month.