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GoPro launches new range of Hero cameras


gopro14new3GoPro has released a new range of cameras that will allow point-of-view and immersive shooting of even higher quality video.

The latest Hero4 will be available in two editions – the HERO4 Black and the HERO4 Silver.

There is also a new affordable entry-level GoPro camera as well.

HERO4 Black ($679) has a 2x performance boost over the previous model and the ability to capture 4K video at 30fps (frames per second) along with 2.7K video at 50fps and 1080p full HD video at 120fps.

On the audio side, the device has also improved and can capture high fidelity sound with twice the dynamic range of its predecessor.

The new GoPro HERO4 Black

HERO4 Silver ($549) has also been improved but can’t capture the higher video quality of the Black.

But the device can still capture 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p full HD at 60fps and 720p at 120fps along with 12-megapixel cover-quality photographs at burst speeds of up to 30 photos per second.

Other new features of new Black and Silver GoPro cameras are Protune – for more manual control, HiLight Tag which lets you mark key moments in your video and QuikCapture which makes it easy to power on and record at the press of one button.

The HERO is a new entry-level device – priced at an affordable $129 – is built directly into a rugged, waterproof housing.

It can capture video at full HD at 30fps and 720p at 60fps.

There are also even more GoPro accessories and mounts to make it even easier to capture your world.

The new entry level GoPro

These include:

Smart Remote: The waterproof and wearable remote can control your GoPro from up to 183m away.

The Handler: This is a compact and lightweight handgrip that floats for easy handheld shooting.

Battery BacPac: The new battery BacPac provides almost twice the power as the camera’s internal battery.

LCD BacPac: the new LCD screen has improved touch and swipe performance when used with the HERO4Black.

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