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Tiny ReSound LiNX hearing aid works with the iPhone


resound5ReSound LiNX – the world’s first hearing aid made to work with the iPhone and capable of streaming high-quality stereo sound – has just been released.

The device is remarkably compact and virtually unnoticeable when it is being worn.

Not that the ReSound LiNX is too ugly to be seen – it is actually stylishly designed and available in a range of fashionable colours.

The small yet durable hearing aid is also water resistant so it won’t cramp your lifestyle.

The device uses the latest Surround Sound by ReSound – an integrated sound processing technology that produces high quality sound.

The ReSound LiNX hearing aid is virtually unnoticeable

Resound LiNX is the smallest wireless in-the-ear hearing aid released by GS ReSound but is still powerful enough to address 90 per cent of all hearing losses.

The product can not only amplify the sounds around you on its own but it can pair with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and can be used to stream stereo sound without the need for an additional control, accessory or pendant.

And when you receive regular calls or audio and video FaceTime calls on the iPhone the sound is also enhanced and streamed to the ReSound LiNX.

The ReSound LiNX hearing aid is tiny yet can address up to 90 per cent of all hearing losses

It also works with a ReSound Smart App which gives users the ability to set preferred volume levels along with treble/bass settings.

The app also has a geo-tagging feature so that users can assign settings that automatically adjust when they return to various places like shopping centres, the gym, restaurants and work.

There’s also a Find My Hearing Aid feature within the app so users can locate the ReSound LiNX if they’ve misplaced it.

A person wearing the ReSound LiNX hearing aid. The only thing visible is the clear cable running from the device into the ear canal

Five per cent of the world’s population – 360 million people globally including one in six Australians – suffer some sort of hearing loss.

The ReSound LiNX hearing aid is available now through a network of hearing care professionals.

Customers can schedule an appointment for a free consultation here.

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