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The device for all your audio needs – Pure Evoke D4 digital radio review


pureevokebt5When it comes to digital radios Pure certainly knows what it’s doing. It has just released the Evoke D4 and added Bluetooth to make it a portable speaker as well.

The Evoke D4 is a good all-round device to satisfy all of your audio needs.

On the design side it has classic timeless styling with rounded edges and a high quality finish.

There’s also a handy carry-handle that means the product can be carried from room to room.

Users can buy also a rechargeable ChargePAK battery to make it truly portable. It would have been good to have the option of putting regular batteries as well.

The Evoke D4 Bluetooth digital radio

The Evoke D4 Bluetooth models comes in black (called domino) or white (called glacier) with a non-Bluetooth versions also available in walnut.

It all starts with crystal clear digital radio so your favourite stations never sounded better.

The Evoke D4 also has FM Radio and the ability to set up to 30 presets for easier access to your favourite stations.

When you turn the device on for the first it will go out and tune itself to all the latest digital stations.

The Pure Evoke D4 has Bluetooth on board to stream music from your smartphone

There’s a two-line display that will show the station you’re listening to along with a line of information like song titles or talk back phone numbers.

Sound quality through the Evoke D4 is impressive whether you’re listening to talk-back radio or your favourite music.

It’s good for personal listening and it has it top volume capped at a reasonable level so don’t expect to blow the roof off. Same story if you’re a bass junkie – the bass is good not great.

If you want it any louder or bass-ier then you my need to look elsewhere

Users can also connect their device like an MP3 player with a cable to Aux-In port to play through the Pure’s speakers.

The Pure Evoke D4 is a digital radio and FM radio

But if you want to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer you can take advantage of the Evoke D4’s Bluetooth.

Once your device is paired you can stream your own music from your device or through music services like Spotify, Rdio and Pandora.

It also comes with a small remote control to control volume, navigate your music and change the station.

The Evoke D4 is ideal for the customer who’s looking for a single product that meets all of their audio needs.

Evoke D4 Bluetooth

Price: $299

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