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SMS Audio Street by 50 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones review


streetanc1If you’re a musician like 50 Cent and you’re putting your name to a pair of noise-cancelling headphones you’d have to be confident they sound good.

The good news is the SMS Audio Street By 50 ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) headphones deliver high quality sound.

To be fair 50 Cent has not only put his name on these headphones but has also been active in the development of the product so it not only sounds great but also looks good too.

Available in Shadow Black or Cool Silver, the Street by 50 ANC headphones are built for every day use with a durable and adjustable headband.

Each ear cup has soft leather cushioning and the headband is nicely padded so they’re comfortable to wear for extended periods – like an entire long-haul flight.

And you’d want it for a flight because of the impressive Active Noise Cancellation which can almost completely reduce ambient noise and let you hear just the music or the movie you’re watching.

The Street by 50 Active Noise Cancelling headphones

But even if you’re not booked on a flight the Street by 50 ANC headphones are also ideal for daily use on public transport where you can still enjoy the reduced outside noise.

The ear cup design, which is large enough to fit over your entire ear, also creates a seal of its own for some passive noise cancellation as well.

To power the active noise cancellation there is a built-in rechargeable battery in the left ear cup that can be charged through the microUSB port.

The headphones have a hybrid function and can work with or without a charge.

The Street by 50 Active Noise Cancelling headphones can be folded up and stored in the supplied case

If the battery runs out or if a user chooses not to turn on the power, the Street by 50 ANC will work like a regular pair of headphones – just without the active noise cancellation.

On the audio side, the headphones have professionally tuned 40mm drivers and deliver an excellent sound.

The Street by 50 ANC headphones have the right combination of high, mid and bass level output for a very pleasing result where you’ll hear all the detail along with the right level of bass.

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson is the musician behind the SMS Audio brand

Once you’ve finished listening the Street by 50 ANC headphones they fold up neatly into a football-shaped case which can also store the cables and airline adaptor plug.


Street by 50 ANC headphones certainly offer quality and value and can easily match it pound for pound with the popular Beats by Dr Dre headphones.

They offer an impressive consistent and even sound that’s not too bass heavy and the active noise cancellation does a great job getting all of those unwanted noises out of your way to enjoy the experience even further.

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson should be proud to have his name on this product.

Street by 50 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Price: $349

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