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Pure Jongo S3 wireless speaker system review


jongo3Pure is a name we know from its popular range of digital radios but now the company has entered the wireless speaker space with the Jongo S3.

The Jongo S3 is a small portable wireless speaker with both wi-fi and Bluetooth on board to allow users to stream their music to the device.

It’s possible to scatter Jongo S3 speakers around your home and stream to them individually or all of them at the same time in the same way you can with the popular Sonos wireless speakers.

You can also stream your existing Pure products to the speakers to extend the reach if your music.

The device also works with the Pure Connect app which is available for iPhone and Android devices so you can listen to your own music on the Jongo S3 as well as other content like digital radio stations from around the world.

Design-wise the Jongo S3 is 13.5cm tall, 13.1cm wide and 13.9mm thick so it’s small enough to put anywhere.

The speakers available in black and white and can also be decorated with grills in orange, mango and lime.

The Jongo S3 wireless speakers are available in black and white and allows users to stream their music wirelessly

And with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours you can take them with you anywhere.

The device has five speakers inside – one on either side of the speaker and one on top for a combined 10W RMS output.

On the front of the product are volume up and down buttons, a mute button and a power button ringed by the indicator light that tells users when it is connected to a network.

On the back panel are a small LCD display to display the current audio profile, a wi-fi pairing button, the audio profile button to switch between profiles, AUX In to connect devices with a cable and a USB port which already contains a Bluetooth dongle.

This USB port can also be used with an Ethernet adaptor in case the user wanted to connect the speaker to their network with a cable.

Linking the speaker to your wireless network is quick and easy either through a browser or with the one-touch WPS button on your modem to link to the Jongo S3.

You can also choose Bluetooth to make the connection.

The Jongo S3 speaker offers respectable quality audio through its four main play modes – Mono 360, Stereo 360, Stereo forward facing and outdoor boost.

Mono 360 offers the same music out of all five speakers which is ideal when positioning the speaker in the middle of a room.

Stereo 360 enables left and right from the front and back and also enables the subwoofer for a big sound.

Jongo S3 can connect to your mobile devices and other Pure audio products in your home

Stereo forward facing is just as its name suggests with good left and right separation and the subwoofer. This mode suits the speaker when it’s positioned on a shelf or against a wall.

Outdoor sound selects all five speakers to pump up the output to hear it easily outside.

The Pure Connect app gives users access to more than 20,000 radio stations, a library of radio programmes and podcasts plus your own tunes.

The app was a little difficult to navigate especially when trying to find your own music. We created a Pure Connect account and had to sign in three times before the app recognised our account.

Once we were signed in we could access our own music.

The Jongo S3 wireless speaker

It’s a shame you can’t stream from popular music streaming services like Spotify and Rdio via wi-fi like you can with the admired Sonos system. Spotify and Rdio can only be streamed to a single Jongo S3 speaker from your device using Bluetooth.

It would have also been nice to connect two speakers as a stereo pair but we had to make do with the stereo profiles which sounded good but lacked a little in the bass department. Tech Guide underdstands the ability to create a stereo pair is in the works.

Users can only access the Jongo S3 speakers through this app using wi-fi. You can easily change the names of the speakers to make them easier to recognise.

Streaming to several speakers at once can only be done with wi-fi while Bluetooth can be used with one speaker at a time.

The Jongo S3 speakers from Pure form a handy and flexible wireless system that will your give you access to your tunes anywhere in your home.

Jongo S3

Price: $399 each speaker; colour grills $49 each

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