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Loewe’s new high quality speakers let you listen in style


leowethumbLoewe, the German premium manufacturer, has released a range of quality audio products that combines timeless design with cutting edge technology.

The line-up from Loewe is comprised of three products – Soundbox, Air Speakers and SoundVision.

These Loewe products are designed for the top end of town and are not cheap but, for your money, you do get excellent sound quality and first-rate design.


The Loewe Soundbox is an all-in-one audio product that combines a CD player, RDS stereo FM radio, iPhone/iPod dock, two four-inch full range stereo speakers and two digital amplifiers.

Soundbox can easily sit on a shelf and fill a room with sound from its impressive speakers.

The Loewe Soundbox

The colour inlay that runs along the top of the unit is interchangeable so it’s possible to match the room’s surroundings with a number of colour choices.

CDs are actually fed in vertically into the slot loading player that sits just in front of the dock.

Also on board the Loewe Soundbox is USB and AUX IN to add even more options for connecting non-Apple music devices to the system.

Music playback can be easily controlled on the device itself or by using the included remote control.

The Loewe Air Spesker


Loewe’s Air Speaker takes a less is more approach with its design which is simple and elegant.

And because this is an AirPlay device there is nothing else that clutters the design. No dock, no large buttons and no big lights.

The top plate is interchangeable and there are plenty of choices for those who want to add a little colour to their music.

Under the hood are two subwoofers, two tweeters and two mid-range speakers which combine to provide 80 watts of power.

The Loewe Air Speaker allows users to stream their music wirelessly to the high quality speakers

As we expected the sound quality of the Loewe is excellent especially when you consider the relatively small size of the unit and the fact that the music is streaming into the system wirelessly.

For those users who want a physical connection there’s a built-it AUX IN port on the back panels along with an Ethernet for those who want to connect to their network with a cable.

The Loewe SoundVision is a high quality all-in-one sound system with a 7.5 touchscreen controller


Loewe’s SoundVision is the big daddy of the range and ticks all the boxes for design, build-quality and sound.

It’s a stand-alone sound system which has been milled from a single piece of aluminium and that delivers a stunning audio performance.

SoundVision can also be connected wirelessly to your home network as well as wirelessly to individual devices using Bluetooth.

What also forms a part of the SoundVision is a 7.5-inch touchscreen display.

The Loewe SoundVision is milled from a single piece of aluminium and has an excellent sound

The screen will display the song title, artist and album art of the song you’re listening to either wirelessly from an iPhone/iPad or physically connected to the dock hidden behind the touchscreen.

Also included with the SoundVision is an FM radio plus a CD player with the slot discreetly positioned just below the front edge of the device.

On the audio side the SoundVision has got it where it counts – six built-in speakers, which includes two subwoofers, to create an authoritative sound experience.

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