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Braven 8 Series speakers are big on sound and can recharge your devices


braven8series2The latest Braven 8 Series Bluetooth speakers are as versatile as their predecessors delivering a big sound while also charging all of your devices.

The Braven 850 and 855s are bigger too. They are actually about the size of a house brick with a grille front and back.

The difference between the 850 and 855s is the 855s is rated at IXP3 water resistance with a rugged water resistant rubber shell. You can’t put the device underwater but it can handle a splash or light rain.

When it’s fully charged it can play for up to 20 hours with 20W output through its stereo speakers.

Onboard are extended range aluminium cone drivers and dual passive radiators for a powerful sound.

The Braven 850 and 855s (right) Bluetooth speakers

But that on board battery can also come in handy when your other gadgets like smartphones and tablets need a recharge.

Simply connect their cable to the USB port on the side to start the recharging.

Indicator lights on the side show just how much charge is left with each of the five lights representing 20 per cent of the total charge.

Users can easily pair their device to the Braven 850 or 855s wirelessly with Bluetooth or with a cable through the AUX port.

The side of the Braven Series 8 speakers with the indicator lights to show how much charge is left onboard

On the top of the speakers are the control buttons to turn the device on and off along with controls to adjust the volume and navigate your music.

When your smartphone is paired to the Braven Series 8 speakers they also act as a speakerphone so you can make and take your calls handsfree.

The Braven 850 Bluetooth speakers

On the audio side the Braven 850 and 855s can certainly deliver a big sound and are quite loud at full volume.

And even at full volume there is no distortion with above average high and mid levels.

The Braven 855s speakers are water resistant have sturdy rubber casing

We did expect the bass to be a little stronger especially with a speaker of this size but that aside the Braven speakers still offer a satisfying audio experience.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you decide to buy two Braven 8 Series speakers you can actually pair them as a left and right pair for an even bigger sound with excellent left and right separation.

The silver Braven 850 and the black and grey Braven 855s speakers are available now and are both priced at $399.

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