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Beats Solo 4 headphones review – crisp and punchy audio that lives up to the brand

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The Beats Solo 4 easily live up to brand’s reputation to provide clear, crisp and punchy audio to suit fans of all kinds of music.

The Beats Solo headphones are popular on-ear wireless headphones and the latest version – the Beats Solo 4 – are a welcome update to enjoy your audio content in high quality on the move.

The Beat Solo 4 headphones, priced at $329, have maintained their minimal and slick design that has been extremely popular with customers.

For our review we received the black pair which have a nice matte finish with brushed metal styling on the headband.

The iconic Beats logo are on the outside of each ear cup so it’s clear to others what brand you’re wearing.

They offer a comfortable fit thanks to the flex grip headband, nicely angled ear cups and the soft padding that provides solid passive noise cancellation.

The lack of active noise cancellation was not a deal breaker for us but for some, at this price, they may have expected more.

With a weight of just 217g we found the headphones quite comfortable to wear for long periods.

And they truly deliver with their trademark sound quality.

We heard impressive clarity and volume and plenty of detail in the music we were listening to.

We felt the bass was slightly more tempered when compared to other Beats headphones.

There was still a solid helping of bass but definitely not as much as we’ve heard on previous models.

The Beats Solo 4s don’t let you down – they have a punchy warm sound so you can hear every subtle nuance of your music.

Also onboard is spatial audio with personalised head tracking which uses gyroscopes and accelerometers to place sound all around you. You can hear the difference when listening to compatible tracks with spatial audio.

We were also pleasantly surprised with the call quality thanks to the digital beamforming microphones which use an advanced voice targeting algorithm.

When wearing headphones our first instinct was to take them off to answer the phone.

Not so with the Beat Solo 4.  We were able to hear the call pretty clearly even when we were outside.

We liked the simple controls on the left ear cup with the centre button for playing and pausing and the outer ring on that same ear cup able to adjust the volume up and down.

Pairing the Beat Solo 4 headphones was simple for both iOS and Android thanks to the seamless one touch pairing.

They have built-in Find my or Find My Device 4 compatibility as well so you can locate them if you ever misplace them.

And they’re not going to run out of juice anytime soon thanks to a massive 50 hours of battery life.

And if you do need a quick recharge, simply plugging them in for 10 minutes provides up to five hours of playback.

The Beats Solo 4 headphones are priced at $329 and available in Matte Black, Cloud Pink and Slate Blue.


The Beats Solo 4 easily live up to brand’s reputation to provide clear, crisp and punchy audio to suit fans of all kinds of music.