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Trend Micro’s DirectPass remembers all your passwords


directpass2Do you have trouble remembering your passwords? Most people have 10 or more which is why Trend Micro has come up with DirectPass – a new password management solution.

One thing we’re taught is to have different passwords for all of our online logins but remembering each one is a challenge.

If we have the same password for each site – which is often the case – if that password is compromised then everything is at risk.

Some people even write down their passwords so they don’t forget.

But now there’s Trend Micro’s DirectPass.

DirectPass allows users to manage unlimited passwords and login IDs with just one master password and automatically login to websites with a single click.

The application can even generate and remember strong passwords for any of your sites.

DirectPass can manage all of your online passwords and fill in online forms automatically

The only password you need to remember is one Master Password which enables access to all of your other saved passwords.

There is also added security with a specially designed browser for banking and financial websites which includes key logging protection.

DirectPass can sync your passwords across multiple devices including Windows PCs, Android smartphones or tablets and the iPhone and iPad.

It can also be set up for fill out online forms with your information automatically and also store confidential notes containing sensitive information.

DirectPass can store up to five passwords for free or pay $19.99 per year for unlimited password storage and protection.

DirectPass can manage your online passwords across a number of devices

Users can download an app for their Android device or the iPhone and iPad or download the application for the Windows PCs. There is no Mac version at this time.

Then if you’ve purchased the DirectPass annual subscription you can enter the included Activation Code.

And once it is activated on one device it is then accessible all of your other devices with the same Trend Micro login.

DirectPass can take the frustration out of remembering all of your passwords but still maintain the highest level of security.

You download the free trial of the Trend Micro DirectPass here.

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