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Download Avast – free Mac internet security software


avastthumbAll computers need internet security software – including Macs. The good news is there is new free software to give your Mac complete protection called Avast.

Avast has an award-winning anti-virus solution which can shield your system from malware and spyware.

Included with Avast is Web Shield for Mac which scans sites for any web threats.

The internet security software can also keep your Mac’s email protected when you’re sending and receiving mail.

Avast’s File System Shield performs real-time scanning of any files which are opened or need to be installed to ensure infections are not spread to your Mac’s system and files.

Avast is free internet security for your Mac and includes browser plug-ins to scan the sites you visit

The software also comes with a browser plug-in that can provide reputation and reliability ratings for any sites you visit.

This feature can protect users from phishing sites – fake sites set up to look like other reputable sites – that are designed to trick you into handing over information like usernames and passwords.

Avast is a complete internet security solution for Mac - and it's free.

And users can control the way Avast performs its scans so it doesn’t impact on the Mac’s performance.

Avast AntiVirus for Mac is free and can be downloaded from here.

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