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Sports Mode on the Hisense Series 9 ULED is as good as being at the Grand Final


This post was sponsored by Hisense

It’s Grand Final weekend in the NRL and AFL and mates will be gathering to enjoy the game together. Hisense knows there a lot of sports fans in Australia – and they’ve even included a special Sports Mode that makes that viewing experience even better.

Watching sport on TV is a popular pastime but some TVs handle that fast action better than others.

I’m currently reviewing the top-of-the-range 65-inch Hisense Series 9 ULED TV that is purpose built for sports fans.

It has a special Sports Mode feature built-in to optimise the picture quality to suit what you’re watching.

Just like the very players you’re watching focus on their performance – so does the Hisense TV with its Sports Mode.

When this mode is chosen it enhances the horizontal motion on the screen to keep up with the action.

Sports Mode (also known as Football Mode) on the Hisense Series 9 ULED TV

The result is a smoother picture that allows viewers to enjoy less juddering and ghosting that is the bane of poorer quality and older TVs.

Sports is fast-paced and without Sports Mode fans will notice a slight image blur as the TV’s pixels try and keep up with the action and players running up and down the field.

Sports Mode makes it possible for the screen’s refresh rate to adjust to match the speed of the action on the screen.

There is even a Sports Mode for the sound as well on the Hisense ULED Series 9 TV

The difference when you activate Sports Mode is noticeable.

When a player is bursting upfield or racing to take a mark, keep an eye on the logos on the players’ jerseys and on the background and advertising hoardings.

This is a great test to see how well Sports Mode works.

Without Sports Mode or when watching a regular TV, it’s almost impossible to make out the detail on the jersey and just as hard to read the background signage.

But with Sports Mode (also called Football mode) and that optimised horizontal motion, that detail is now suddenly sharper and clearer.

It’s really easy to access the picture and sound modes from the Hisense ULED Series 9 remote to enjoy your TV sport like never before

This is when you’ll learn what it means to have a smoother picture. Those background details as the camera pans quickly to keep up with the action is now easy to read and also easier on the eye to watch.

There is even a Sports Mode for the sound as well so it will sound like you’re there at game.

Once you get used to Sports Mode – it’s hard to not have it.

It would be like going back to driving a car without power steering.

The Hisense 65-inch Series 9 (65P9) is priced at $4,399. The Hisense Series 9 Tvs are also available in 75-inch ($6,499).

This post was sponsored by Hisense