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Samsung goes green with TV packaging that can be repurposed and a solar remote


Samsung’s 2021 range of amazing 4K and 8K TVs are about to hit the market but another areas where the electronics giant is making inroads is sustainability and significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

And Samsung’s sustainability efforts will kick off in spectacular fashion with the company’s latest range of big screen TVs which will include solar-powered remote controls and all-new eco-packaging which can be fashioned into furniture and toys.

Samsung has extended the use of recycled materials in its products including the Solar Cell Remote which will be include with the latest TVs.

It is made of partially recycled plastic and has a solar cell onboard so it can be powered by indoor light or sunlight and eliminates the need for disposable batteries.

The new Samsung solar cell remote

Samsung is the world’s No 1 TV manufacturer and sells millions of TVs worldwide so this move to offer a Solar Cell Remote will save more than 99 million AAA batteries ending up in landfill over the average seven year life of a TV.

Packaging is also another area where Samsung has completely changed its approach to achieve a more environmentally friendly result.

The new eco-packaging will now allow customers to creatively repurpose the TV box.

Each of its eco-friendly corrugated TV boxes will now feature a dot matrix design which will allow customers to cut the boxes more easily and assemble them for others uses.

Customers will be able to make magazine racks, small end tables, houses and toy pets.

The creative possibilities of a Samsung TV eco-packaging box

All Samsung products will now ship in eco-friendly or recycled packaging with minimal add-ons to promote more upcycling.

Samsung will also minimize embellishments like stickers and colour ink which will make recycling even easier.