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LG launches its premium 75-inch NanoCell 8K TV


LG has released its first 8K TV – the 75-inch NanoCell 8K (SM99) – which offers the highest resolution possible on a TV which also carries over LG’s signature picture quality, accurate colour, connectivity and AI capabilities.

Under the hood, the LG NanoCell technology offers wide viewing angles through the IPS (in-plane switching) panel so the picture quality is consistently high even if you’re sitting off to the side.

The LG NanoCell 8K TV also includes Cinema HDR (high dynamic range) which can handle content with HDR10, HLG, Advanced HDR by Technicolour and Dolby Vision HDR.

Also onboard is Dolby Atmos so the immersive audio experience matches the immersive visual experience.

These features are immediately detected when viewing compatible content through a premium 4K Netflix account.

The 8K display has Full Array Dimming Pro to accentuate the brighter and darker parts of the picture with greater contrast and offering remarkable additional detail.

At the heart of the LG 75-inch NanoCell 8K TV is the Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor which uses  deep learning technology to create the optimal viewing experience.

The processor also provides six-step upscaling which is applied after examining the quality of the source material.

The LG 8K NanoCell is also the only current 8K TV which has four HDMI 2.1 ports to allow for smooth and clear motion at 60 frames per second.

Customers will also find Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit integration from October 2019 (a feature already available on the 2019 LG 4K Super UHD TVs) which makes it easy to stream content from your MacBook, iPad and iPhone.

And HomeKit means you can also connect to other compatible smart home devices from other brands.

“The way in which Australians consume entertainment in the home is rapidly changing, led by the demand for cinematic experiences from the comfort of your own lounge room,” said Angus Jones, General Manager of Marketing at LG Electronics Australia.

“At LG, we seek to provide Australians with technology that takes advantage of content sources now and in the future, such as 8K gaming consoles expected in 2020.

“We have entered an exciting era with the launch of our first 8K TV with LG NanoCell technology and are thrilled to equip Australian homes with future-focused technology.

“We also look forward to providing Australians with the ultimate screen resolution of 8K and the ultimate TV technology of OLED TV very soon.”

The 2019 LG 75-inch NanoCell 8K TV is available now and is priced at $11,849.

The full premium LG LED/LCD range includes:

8KNanoCell 75SM9900PTA.AAU – $11,849

SUPER UHD 86SM9400PTA.AAU – $8,329

SUPER UHD 75SM9400PTA.AAU – $5,949

SUPER UHD 65SM9450PTA.AAU – $4,199

SUPERUHD 75SM8600PTA.AAU – $4,799

SUPER UHD 65SM8600PTA.AAU – $2,759

SUPER UHD 55SM8600PTA.AAU – $2,039

SUPER UHD 65SM8100PTA.AAU – $2,279

SUPER UHD 55SM8100PTA.AAU – $1,699

SUPER UHD 49SM8100PTA.AAU – $1,419