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LG cuts the cord with the release of its OLED evo M4 series of wireless TVs

LG’s range of wireless OLED TVs are now available in Australia and there will be a new 65-inch model to join the previously announced 77-inch, 83-inch and 97-inch TVs which open the possibilities in your living space.

The OLED evo M4 series TVs come with the Zero Connect box that offers wireless connectivity between the TV and the receiver.

This means the only thing the TV needs to connect with a cable is power.

All your other sources including your aerial, set top boxes, gaming consoles and 4K disc players connect to the Zero Connect box which can sit metres away in another part of the room.

The Zero Connect box can be placed anywhere

The LG OLED evo M4 is the first TV on the market that can wirelessly transmit video and audio at 4K 144Hz.

Thanks to the power of this wireless transfer, the Zero Connect box can be placed almost anywhere in the room to enjoy even greater flexibility in your living space.

This opens all-new possibilities in your home while the Zero Connect box enables users to move the screen or the Zero Connect box itself whenever they need.

The other benefit of having the Zero Connect box is that it provides a clean, clutter-free environment and there are no messy cables that usually sitting behind a regular television.

And of course the LG OLED evo M4 offers amazing picture quality thanks to its self-lit OLED screen which is powered by the new Alpha 11 AI processor.

Thanks to the faster AI processing speeds in the M4 and the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) it turns the TV into a premium gaming screen and supports 4K content at 144Hz to deliver amazing gameplay and pure life-like visuals.

The LG range of OLED evo M4 wireless TVs will be released this month in stores in 65-inch, 77-inch, 83-inch and 97-inch. Pricing will be finalised in the coming days.