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LG announces pricing on its 2024 range of TVs – and some are cheaper than last year’s models

LG has just announced the pricing and availability of its impressive 2024 OLED and QNED TV range – and the good news is that some of the new TVs are up to 25 per cent cheaper than last year’s models.

There are 35 new OLED models in the range which boast brighter screens and faster more powerful AI processors.

LG has also responded to the demand for larger screens in the market by releasing a 98-inch QNED and the 97-inch OLED M.

But perhaps the biggest news is LG offering some of its 2024 TVs at prices up to 25 per cent lower than last year’s models to make then more accessible for customers.

The LG B4 OLED 55-inch and 65-inch models priced at $2,499 and $3,299 respectively – that’s 20 percent cheaper than the 2023 equivalents.

And the QNED86 65-inch model has been priced 25 per cent lower than last year’s model at $2,299.

The LG 2024 QNED TV

LG has entered its 11th year as the leading brand in the OLED TV market and has unveiled a range of new technologies to take the already premium viewing experience to yet another level.

“Over the past few years, we’re seeing an unprecedented surge in entertainment, with blockbuster films on streaming platforms and major sporting events captivating Australians,” says Tony Brown, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG Electronics Australia.

“At LG, our commitment remains firm: delivering premium viewing technologies and seamless access to content Australians know and love.”

To celebrate the launch of the 2024 TV and sound bar range, purchases of eligible 2024 LG OLED and QNED TVs between March 14 and April 3 from participating retailers, will receive a bonus gift card.*

Under the hood of the G4 and M4 OLEDS evo models is the Alpha 11 AI processor which brings a 70 per cent improvement in graphic performance and up to 30 per cent faster processing speed compared to the previous model.

This year’s M4 and G4 OLED models will allow improved multiview so you can split the screen four times to never miss your favourite content or sporting event.

The LG OLED M4 TV is the world’s first wireless OLED TV with wireless video and audio transmission at up to 4K 144Hz delivered to the screen from the Zero Connect box which can be positioned anywhere in the room.

The LG G4 OLED evo

LG has integrated AI across selected models which can customise picture quality to preference and match the TV settings to the brightness of the room.

Also on board is AI super upscaling which can sharpen objects and backgrounds to offer a sharper and more vibrant picture.

Australian customers are drawn to larger screen TVs and LG has responded with its 2024 QNED TV range with sizes up to 98 inches which can deliver an experience that will make you feel like you’re in the stadium watching the game.

The 2024 QNED range are powered by the Alpha A8 AI processor which delivers improvements in graphic performance and processing speed while optimising audio and picture quality in real time.

The LG G4 OLED evo

These TV’s feature LG’s Quantum Dot and NanoCell colour technologies to provide authentic colours for a natural and realistic viewing experience.

There are also new additions to the lifestyle line-up with the StanbyME – a portable 27 inch TV that can be wheeled anywhere in the house and the StanbyME GO – a portable TV housed in a sturdy metal carry case.

Both are equipped with a built-in battery, screen protection and speakers so you can watch movies or play games and stream content wherever and whenever you want.

The StandbyME GO also includes a table mode which allows users to turn it into a digital board game or turntable.

2024 is also the 10th anniversary of LG’s web OS operating system which offers a personalised user experience and easy access to the TV settings and to popular streaming services.

To celebrate the launch of the 2024 TV and sound bar range, purchases of eligible 2024 LG OLED and QNED TVs between March 14 and April 3 from participating retailers, will receive a bonus gift card.*

The full 2024 TV range includes:

Type Model RRP** In-store
OLED evo M4 OLED97M4 TBA June
 OLED evo G4 OLED83G4 $9,999 March
OLED77G4 $7,999 March
OLED65G4 $5,299 March
OLED55G4 $4,199 March
 OLED evo C4 OLED83C4 $7,999 April
OLED77C4 $5,999 March
OLED65C4 $4,299 March
OLED55C4 $3,299 March
OLED48C4 $2,499 March
OLED42C4 $2,199 March
OLED B4 OLED65B4 $3,299 March
OLED55B4 $2,499 March
 QNED91 86QNED91 $5,499 April
75QNED91 $3,999 March
65QNED91 $2,999 March
QNED89 98QNED89 $8,999 May
 QNED86 86QNED86  $4,299 April
75QNED86  $2,999 March
65QNED86 $2,299 March
55QNED86 $1,799 March
QNED81 86QNED81 $3,699 April
75QNED81 $2,499 March
65QNED81 $1,899 March
55QNED81  $1,499 March
50QNED81 $1,299 March
43QNED81 $1,099 March
UT80 86UT80 $2,899 March
75UT80 $1,899 March
65UT80 $1,499 March
55UT80 $1,199 March
50UT80 $999 March
43UT80 $899 March
LG OLED Flex 42LX3Q $4,999 Available now
LG StanbyME 27ART10AKPL $1,999 Available now
LG StanbyME GO 27LX5QKNA TBA September

* Retailer gift cards:

OLED/QNED Gift Card Value*
83-inch/ 86-inch $300
75-inch/77-inch $200
65-inch $100

Part of the web OS is a section dedicated to sports where customers can select their favourite teams and receive reminders when matches are about to begin as well as the option of receiving score updates that pop up on the screen no matter what you’re watching.