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Technogym partners with IBM to create a virtual coach with artificial intelligence


In a world where more and more smart devices are popping up, the latest initiative might put personal trainers out of business with an intelligent cognitive coaching platform.

The initiative is a partnership between Technogym and IBM and the goal is to create a “human-like” virtual coach which can interact with people using natural language.

The platform’s aim is to provide personalised training programs that are created to meet their goals and conditions like weather, heath conditions, food intake and work situation.

The idea is to blend IBM’s Watson cognitive computing and IoT (internet of things) technology with Technogym’s cloud-based MyWellness platform.

MyWellness can provide users with a fully-personalised program that’s put together using data gathered from fitness equipment and mobile data.

The virtual coach would also extend its capabilities and interactions with the user by managing data and evaluating the results through the cognitive coach that will actually talk users through the workout – just like a personal trainer.

One of the biggest challenges with exercising is accountability. Most people need someone over their shoulder giving them encouragement and making sure they complete the workout.


This system aims to provide a similar accountability while keeping the user motivated to reach their goal.

But the actual trainers and gyms won’t be completely cut out of the loop.

They’ll very much be a part of the process so they can continue to assist their clients and also provide virtual coaching when they’re travelling or training outside of the gym.

Technogym has been in the fitness business since 1996 when it launched its first software system to manage training in the gym.

Fast forward to 2012 and Technogym was the first brand to introduce cloud technology to the fitness industry.
“Our goal has always been to offer our users a personalised training experience via connected equipment, services and content capable of interacting with them, understanding their deep motivation and needs, and delivering results,” said Nerio Alessandri, Founder and CEO of Technogym.

“Our collaboration with IBM represents a further step towards the creation of increasingly customized and engaging training for our clients.”