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STM launches augmented reality app to explore its bags like never before


Successful Australian company STM Bags has come up with an app using augmented reality technology that will allow shoppers to try on and take a look inside their range of backpacks and shoulder bags before they buy.

The STM Goods app, available for iOS and Android, allows customers to interact with the products like never before.

Customers can scan a code with the app to trigger the augmented reality images through their smartphone’s camera which will allow them to look at the bag from any angle as if they are holding it in their hand.

Users can then explore the various features like SlingTech (which protects your delicate devices) and the CableReady cable routing system.

The App also allow users to explore the various materials used to create the bag.

It’s also possible to see the different colours available for that particular bag and even try it on to see what it looks like on your back or on your shoulder.


The x-ray mode makes it possible to look inside the bag and see how all of your devices and other accessories can fit inside.

“AR will change the way people interact with our products,” said Ethan Nyholm, STM Brands chief executive.

“Backpacks have traditionally been one of the toughest products to showcase in stores, unless a trained salesperson is there to demonstrate the special aspects of the merchandise, which typically is not the case.


“Now, thanks to AR, customers can see a demonstration of a product’s key features come to life before their eyes.”

Element Case, now part of the STM company, also have an AR app to explore its premium protective iPhone cases.


This app utilises a “deconstructed” feature which presents an exploded view of the case to give customers a detailed look at the materials used to make it.

The STM Goods and Element Case apps are available now from the App Store and the Google Play Store.