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Smart Dog Collar makes it easier to know how your dog is feeling


Have you ever wished your dog could just tell you how it’s feeling? With the new Smart Dog Collar that becomes a lot easier because it can track your pooch’s behaviour and detect any changes.

The device, which was introduced to the media at CES in Las Vegas, fits onto any dog collar and acts as a tracker that monitors its activities, sleep patterns and can pick up any mood variations.

If something unusual is detected, the owner will receive an alert and suggestions on the best actions to take.

The Smart Dog Collar has an onboard neural network that was designed with partner Intel along with a smart engine that can interpret a dog’s behaviour.

Every dog lover can sense when something might be wrong with their pet but the Smart Dog Collar can pick up even the most subtle changes.

It might be agitated, constantly barking or not eating properly but if you’re not watching your dog 24 hours a day you might miss these signs.

This where the Smart Dog Collar comes in. It can pick up changes in attitude and even the early symptoms of certain diseases.

This information can be accessed through the Smart Dog Collar’s companion app so you can check on your dog at any time and from anywhere.


The device can also provide data to your vet about your dog’s behaviour to make the detection and diagnosis of any ailments as painless as possible.

The Smart Dog Collar can be used for all dog breeds of all shapes and sizes and is small enough to fit on their collar without getting in the way.


The Smart Dog Collar will be launched later this month on Kickstarter.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG