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Sena unveils the X1 – the world’s first Bluetooth smart cycling helmet


Sena, the company which brought communication technology to motorcyclists, has introduced the X1 – the world’s first Bluetooth integrated smart cycling helmet.

Aimed at cyclists, the X1 has Bluetooth 4.1 to allow riders to have a seamless connection to their smartphones to make and answer calls, listen to music, use GPS navigation and fitness apps.

It is priced at $269, which is about the same price as a regular helmet, and will be available in the coming weeks from

The X1 looks like most other cycling helmets but a closer inspection will reveal speakers and a microphone discreetly placed inside along with controls on the left edge.

And the sleek helmet not only offers easy smartphone connectivity, it also has a built-in FM radio and an integrated Bluetooth communication system.


This intercom allows users to communicate with up to three other riders wearing Sena headsets with a range of up to 900m.

Sena uses its patented Advanced Noise Control microphone technology to dramatically reduce wind and ambient noise even while you’re riding so your friends can hear you loud and clear.

The directional microphone is located at the front edge of the helmet but it manages to easily pick up your voice with remarkable clarity.

Naturally, the speakers are located above your ears on the left and right edges of the X1 so, even when riding at high speed, you can still hear quite clearly.


Along the left side are the controls for pairing and volume which are easy to reach and adjust.

You can hear your calls and music as well as GPS instructions from the speakers.

Riders can also listen to FM radio and save 10 presets for your favourite stations.


The Sena X1 is lined with comfortable padding to provide a great fit as well as maximum protection and includes a nylon and leather chinstrap.

On the back is a spin to fit lock so users can adjust the size and fit of the helmet to their head size and shape.

The X1 is also well ventilated to keep the rider cool.


Users can use the Sena RideConnected app to configure the X1 helmet, set your FM station presets and even connect to other riders across the cellular network.

Later this year, Sena will also be releasing the X1 Pro which has all the features of the X1 but with the addition of a high definition camera integrated into the front of the helmet.

The Sena handlebar control
The Sena handlebar control

Now riders can capture whatever they see and easily share the pictures and video using the helmet’s wi-fi connectivity.

The X1 Pro camera, which will be priced at $399, can also act like a dashcam and provide video of any on-road incidents to determine liability.

The Sena X1 Pro with built-in HD camera
The Sena X1 Pro with built-in HD camera

The Sena X1 and Sena X1 Pro is also compatible with the RC4 four-button Sena Handlebar remote so you can control the helmet without taking your hands off the handlebars.

The Sena X1 can be pre-ordered now from (02) 8338 8558 with delivery expected in coming weeks. It is priced at $269 and available in medium and large sizes and in four colours – black, blue, navy and white.