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Protect your iPhone in style with a luxury Element case


If you own an iPhone, you want to look after it with a cover. Now you can do it in style with an Element luxury case that combines great design, craftsmanship and performance-engineered materials.

Made exclusively for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Element’s ultra-premium cases are the Rolls Royce of device protection.

Element has released two collections – Luxe and Adrenaline.

The Luxe collection has stylish designs and are made from premium materials but that still provide high-impact protection.

The Adrenaline collection has a more aggressive and performance-inspired design and are made from state-of-the-art materials and meet military grade drop-test standards.



AURA – $59,.95

The case has a removable quick lock crown system with a high gloss and soft touch satin finish and meets military specification drop-test standards.

Available in mint, deep blue, deep red and black.


SOLACE LX – $129.95

Made with premium grade leather, the Solace LX exudes quality with a tough luxe coating and polished anodised crowns made from aircraft grade aluminium.

Available in black, white and gold.



CFX CASE – $59.95

Featuring MERC 3 technology which combines aerospace grade carbon fibre and a polycarbonate chassis.

Available in black, blue, orange and white/red.

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SECTOR CASE – $179.95

Sector has MERC 4 technology and combines engineered composite and alloy material with anodised side rails and a removable quick lock crown system. It looks like a Ferrari.

Available in red, carbon and citron.



This top of the line Element case has MERC 5 technology onboard with composite and alloy materials, aircraft grade aluminium side rails and a G-10 reinforced back plate.

You also get a belt clip attachment.

Available in black.

Element cases are available now at JB Hi-Fi and Mac Addict.