Modern technology gives us many things.

Organise your cables and power cords with BlueLounge’s range of products


We’re all living digital lives and enjoying the many benefits but the downside is keeping our devices charged and managing all the cable but BlueLounge has come to the rescue with a range of products to keep you organised.

Every digital product we have – smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and laptops, all need charging and all have their own cables.

And if you live in a household, there are multiple devices and multiple chargers and multiple cables so it’s not hard for your home to get cluttered and tangled.

BlueLounge has recognised these problems and created a line-up of products to help declutter and organise yourself.


CableDrop are multipurpose clips that can be affixed to desktops or walls to route and position cables so they’re organised and always in the same place so you don’t have to go looking for it.


There are six CableDrop clips in each pack. You peel the sticker off the back and position wherever you need it. A smaller CableDrop Mini is also available with nine per pack for the same price.


You can organise up to four cables at a time with the CableDrop Multi. You can anchor your cords so they’re not slipping down to the floor or behind your desk.


There are two units per pack.


The CableClip lives up to its name and can help you organise excess cables and keep the slack tidy.


They can be used for cables and also to keep your earphones organised. They are available in three sizes.


This a soft rubber spool for your earbuds to keep them organised and tangle-free when you’re not using them.


The CableYoYo have a magnetic centre to secure your earphones in place. It’s an easy way to keep your earphones tidy and have them ready when you need them.


The BlueLounge CableBox Mini is a great way to keep desktop cables and power bricks hidden away.

The tangle of cables can be kept inside the box and dust free with an opening to run the power cable to the power point and to your device.


There’s also larger CableBox for $44.95.


When cables need to be directed to the back of a computer or a TV, it always looks messy but the Soba Cable Director can come to the rescue to tidy things up.

The Cable Director can group cables together inside a single tube to give your desktop or entertainment a tidier and more organised appearance.


Soba has a special zipper system that makes it easy to open up and route cables into the tube.

It’s available in black or white and can handle small and large cables.


The Pixi is an adjustable and re-usable tie that can be used to organise everything from taming your excess cables to your yoga mat.


Pixi comes in small, medium and large sizes and black/red, black/green and orange/blue.


The BlueLounge Sanctuary is a charging station for up to four devices at once.

Under the hood is a powerful 4-amp charger with four USB ports to connect the cables for your devices.


Sanctuary has an adjustable stand so you can charge your tablet alongside all your other mobile devices.

And of course, all the loose and unsightly cables are neatly hidden away.