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Say goodbye to the notch – Oppo invents an under-screen camera


Oppo has made a smartphone breakthrough by creating the world’s first under-screen camera which eliminates the need for a notch and offers a true full display experience.

The Under-Screen Camera (USC) technology was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai.

The innovation integrates the front facing camera with the screen and provides users with a complete view of the screen.

The customised camera module sits behind a redesigned screen pixel structure and uses the highly transparent screen to enhance that transmittance of light while customised haze removal and white balance algorithms enable a complete photography experience.

And the camera is fully functional to not only capture photos but also to use face unlock and make video calls.

“As smartphones offer more functionalities than ever before, consumers have a higher demand for technologies that provide an immersive user experience,” said Michael Tran, Managing Director of Oppo Australia.

“Oppo is committed to providing new and exciting innovations that push the boundaries of smartphone capability, and we believe our new Under-Screen Camera is the future of smartphone design.”

We can expect the USC technology to be included on Oppo devices from 2020.