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7 Benefits of Mobile Marketing for Your Business


The use of mobile devices for connecting to the internet has exceeded that of desktops, with no signs of the growth slowing. In addition, the number of mobile devices and mobile apps is growing fast as consumers are more accustomed to having the internet with them on the move.

This means marketers need to adjust to the new trends and develop strategies that can account for the rising importance of mobile marketing.

If your business hasn’t already aligned its marketing plan with mobile technologies, it’s time to learn about mobile marketing and how to best approach it. In this article, you will find out the benefits of mobile marketing and how you can use it for your business.

Ease of access

People spend hours on their phones every day wherever they happen to be, which makes for great marketing potential. Marketers can not only reach consumers through their phones, but they can also interact with them at a specific time or place.

Wider reach

There are currently more than six billion smartphone users globally, which is almost the same as the number of humans. Discounting the geographical and language barriers, mobile marketing can enable you to connect with people worldwide. As we live in a globalized world, mobile marketing can help realize your business’s potential.

Location-specific marketing

When your target customers are constantly on the move, you have the option of going with them on their journey. This means communication with your customers can be sensitive to their location and activities, and you can reach out to them at the most convenient time. You can also take advantage of geofencing, which triggers alerts, notifications, or offers when devices are in particular areas.


Compared with traditional marketing channels, mobile marketing is surprisingly affordable, especially when you consider the wider reach and greater complexity of mobile marketing. It also enables marketing campaigns that are more targeted at a lower cost. One of the expenses incurred is in achieving responsiveness, but this is relatively small. The low costs of mobile marketing make it much more appealing to smaller businesses that do not have large advertising budgets. They can create marketing campaigns that are simple, direct, and effective for less.

Multiple marketing channels

Mobile devices are not comparable to other marketing channels in that there are many different channels within a single device. Businesses can choose to concentrate on mobile website or mobile app marketing, SMS marketing, in-game marketing, or even the use of QR codes as a way of leading to your website. You can choose the most suitable way(s) to reach your audience, depending on the profile of your target customer. There are also many different formats of mobile advertising available, including banner ads, native ads, interstitial ads, or video ads.

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In addition to being more direct and immediate, mobile marketing has the advantage of being much more personal. We are always with our phones, so marketers have a direct line to the customer, and they can tailor the customer experience accordingly.

By leveraging the data gathered and processed by a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, it is easy to understand the customer and find the best ways of connecting. With that added personal touch, customer acquisition and retention rates are sure to be increased.

Viral potential

Most people are familiar with the content and memes that go viral and reach new levels of stardom overnight. Creating content that people can share between friends and family means your followers are doing marketing for you. So finding engaging content with mass appeal is key. Things go viral when they can be easily shared on mobile, so keeping mobile devices in mind is essential for achieving that viral fame.

Businesses that direct their marketing efforts at mobile devices can reach out to a much wider audience. Gaining the upper hand in mobile marketing helps you adapt to a world that is increasingly mobile and be better prepared for the marketing of the future.