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Microsoft Hololens will transform computing – and it’s available now to pre-order


Microsoft has transformed the computer and the way we use it with the new wearable Hololens – a self-contained holographic computer that provides incredible experiences.

The Microsoft Hololens is now available to pre-order and will ship to customers in Australia and New Zealand in November.

The device, which is a fully-fledged PC running Windows 10, can be worn comfortably on your head and the lenses in front of your eyes allow you to view and interact with holographic images while still seeing the world around you.

This mixed-reality solution can be used in a variety of ways across a number of industries.

Developers have had access to development edition of the device for some time to create applications that will change the way we view computing.

Tech Guide took a test drive of the Microsoft Hololens this week.

When you place the Hololens in your head and adjust it to fit you comfortably you can still see through the lenses but you’re able to view holograms in your eyeline.

For our demonstration we took a look at an educational application that showcased the solar system.

Right before our eyes the solar was floating before me. As I looked at the sun and each of the planets, their names were highlighted.


And we could even click on them simply by holding our fist with an extended index finger and mimic a button click.

The Hololens also has voice control so to go back I simply had to say “back”.

Now being a hologram I was able to walk around it, through it and also check it out at any angle.

The device is also wireless so you’re not going to get tangled up in any cables.

Also built into the headband are speakers so you can hear any audio from the applications as well.

There will be thousands of uses for the Microsoft Hololens including education, manufacturing, design, medicine and entertainment.

Partners have adapted the technology to help their businesses using the Universal Windows apps that will run on the new platform.

Microsoft has already seen some impressive innovation from a wide range of companies and partners.



“Audi is invested in leading the future of automotive design through the use of cutting edge technologies. A technology like Microsoft HoloLens could open up new opportunities for our services in many ways-from engineering reviews and collaboration to after sales scenarios and new ways of customer experiences – there are many use cases to be realized,” said Jan Pflüger, Coordination Augmented- & Virtual Reality at Audi IT.


“Airbus believes in mixed-reality technologies, which are already deployed within our products and processes. Microsoft HoloLens is a promising platform, bringing mobility and new ways to consume and link users with digital information.”



“This device allows us to engage students in unprecedented ways,” said Mark Griswold, faculty director for Case Western Reserve’s Interactive Commons. “The HoloLens allows students to explore the world in completely new ways. The mixed-reality view means students and faculty can interact with one another and the holographic information the entire time, preserving the critical human connection that is such an essential part of learning.”


Micrososft’s partnership with NASA brings mixed reality to space exploration and discovery, creating new experiences and educational opportunities for scientists and consumers alike. Together with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it has created ground-breaking mixed-reality applications. The OnSight project enables scientists to use HoloLens to “work on Mars” together, directly from their offices, allowing them a means to plan and, along with the Curiosity Mars Rover, conduct science operations on the Red Planet.


“Microsoft HoloLens is the perfect platform for learning, collaborating or visualizing complex information,” said Inger Lawes, Saab Australia’s Mixed Reality Applications Program Head. “For example, in the training environment, it allows both trainers and trainees to share a visually rich interactive experience where the real world can be overlaid with fully interactive holograms.”


The Microsoft Hololens is available in two editions – the Microsoft Hololens Development Edition and the Microsoft Hololens Commercial Suite – available now to pre-order from the Microsoft online store with a delivery in November.

They are priced at $4,369 and $7,269 respectively.