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How the Listnr smart microphone can translate your baby’s sounds


Wouldn’t it be great if a new-born baby could talk to you? With the Listnr smart microphone that’s now possible by using a voice recognition engine that can translate the sounds a baby makes.

On display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Listnr device was created by Cerevo andcan be attached to a baby’s cot or simply placed nearby.

The baby voice recognition engine, which was co-developed by Panasonic, can translates an infant’s noises into different categories of sound – laugh, cry, coo, growl, babble – after just five seconds of listening.

And the results are then displayed on the Listnr’s different coloured LEDs or within the companion app.

So now any parent can tell the moods and emotions of their baby by visualizing them in colours, letters and icons.


The Listnr has wireless connectivity and, when it collects sounds for analysis, it sends them up to the cloud for analysis in real time.

The device itself weighs just 190g and is powered by two AA batteries. It is 12.3cm long and 7.65cm wide.


It is available now and priced at $US139.